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Comments on: R.I.P. The Printed Blog Chronicling the Decline of Newspapers and the Rebirth of Journalism Wed, 15 Jul 2009 17:37:57 +0000 hourly 1 By: msbpodcast Wed, 15 Jul 2009 17:37:57 +0000 People want something “other” than the news (which as you say, and I completely agree with, is available on-line,) when they read a paper.

I bet you could be carrying newspapers with headlines crying out “Our Boy Lindie Made It!” and it would be a perfectly good way to make money.

There are hundreds of noteworthy events from history that embody so much more than mere words can ever capture, but capture the words with some pictures and have some people giving some historic perspective surrounding the event and you’ve got a great business model there.

People read newspapers for what the paper brings far more that just the words and images in the news.

But stop treating it as an efficient delivery mechanism. Its NOT.

A newspaper might be a nicer read, but it does not matter that the ‘news’ is from 70 years ago.

By: Brian Wed, 15 Jul 2009 01:36:45 +0000 MSB,
Just a couple of points.
Those people who now still don’t use the internet are not the same people who invented it. The same defense department that did not “win” the arms race did create it from the same run away paranoia that drove the cold war. No former NASA staffers live in Wasco to my knowledge. Yes my parents did win WWII, thanks for noticing.
I personally have not done anything worthy since exiting the wellness industry.
I have not participated in the collapse of our economy. I have been decrying the financial industry since Regan deregulated them in the 80s. I believe that was when he was still chasing “Reds” and taking credit for the collapse of an economic system that was self destructing from it’s own weight.
I must agree that the printed blog I have planned is a bit foolish. I do, however, sell hundreds of newspapers everyday with words that could be gotten from free on-line.
Ink on papers is and will be for the foreseeable future a much nicer read.
I reiterate my other notion that the march away from having to think is wave of the future.

By: msbpodcast Wed, 15 Jul 2009 01:04:13 +0000 I downloaded the audiobook (which was f.r.e.e.) and bought the hard cover too (which cost me like $25.00 with shipping,) and I must say he’s right, not helpful, not in the least, but he _is_ right.

Now I have the dual problem of knowing somebody’s swinging a shovel at my head, (and hoping to bury me with it by making some form of game and enticing the neighborhood children to bury my corpse, [for free of course,]) while trying to figure out which way to duck.

The tough part of this is just that; figuring out how to monetize what I’m currently giving away for free on my podcasts, without begging for charity.

I think I’m going to go the way of the ‘free’-mium and keep giving away my shorter shows while working on some longer format ones that are for sale on a password protected site on an exclusive basis.

The free-miums will of course feature an ad for the paid site.

By: msbpodcast Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:01:25 +0000 Dear Brian,

the “older fuddy duddier” people created the internet, went to the moon and won the nuclear arms race.

We came after our parents, who just went and won WWII.

What have you done lately?

Oh yeah, screwed the economy and our retirement savings by betting the farm on things you didn’t understand. That’s your legacy. We went to the moon. You went to the dogs. Don’t you feel great?

Printing blogs is like being “a little pregnant.” Why the hell would I want a piece of paper to tell me, days late, and charging somebody money, what I could get for free, as fast as it happened, and to which I could reply on top of that.

This was a dumb dumb idea…

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By: Paul Gillin Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:22:58 +0000 Brian’s idea has a better chance of success than The Printed Blog. Note that one of Josh Karp’s items of advice was not to spread yourself too thin. His delusious of grandeur – aided in large part by third-party enthusiasm for the idea – contributed to over-expansion, which raised the stakes for success. Bootstrapping lets an idea acquire natural momentum, and those are the ones that have the greatest long-term value.

By: Brian Tue, 14 Jul 2009 01:42:22 +0000 I had a similar idea to draw interest in the newspapers I sell from the larger metro area near my little town. Wasco California has a weekly of it’s own with no internet presence. I sell the Bakersfield Californian from nearby Bakersfield. They sponsor Knight News Challenge project . The idea is to do just what Karp has done but on the really micro level. I started for free on ning. I got some locals to post stories and a couple of advertisers are interested in covering the printing cost. Even if it proves popular all I expect is enough revenue to pay the printing. If you have to buy a copy of the Californian in order to read it or see your own words in print I will come out ahead.
It’s difficult to tell what will happen. It could legitimize the website for the older fuddy duddier of the population. At that point I could sell ads on the site. Synergy is the unfortunate marketing buzz term for the magic that may develop. After trying to motivate the early adopters to blog and respond to blogs. I am left with a cynical feeling that except for the tiny percent of the population who already use web 2.0 AND participate passive forms of entertainment and info gathering will continue to dominate and grow.

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By: Edward Lenert Mon, 13 Jul 2009 19:46:09 +0000 Nice coverage of Chris Anderson’s latest book. I’d just like to add that I don’t think the economics of “free” can help the production of serious journalism. The “free rider” problem interferes with the payment for the production (as opposed to the distribution) of public goods like serious news. Please see my additional comments in my blog, solution journalism:

By: Rhea Mon, 13 Jul 2009 15:56:29 +0000 Boston NOW was a lot like The Printed Blog. It combined regular, staff-written news with blog posts from local bloggers. It folded.