Good journalism must not disappear from the earth. Newspaper publishers can thrive in the emerging online world, but they first need to shed some old assumptions and embrace the potential of reader partnerships. I can help them get there.

Anyone can start a blog or put a Digg widget on a website. My training goes much deeper than that. I’ll show you:

  • Why link-and-comment is the foundation of blogging
  • How Google identifies  “good” stories and how you can use that to your advantage;
  • How writing for an interactive readership is different from traditional journalism;
  • How syndication and reuse can multiply the impact of every word you write;
  • Putting your audience to work for you;
  • How to attract followers and fans on Twitter;

I spent 17 years in print publishing and the last decade online. I understand both markets and both mindsets. I can help publishers educate their staffs about the tools and techniques that they need to succeed. I’ll get the most curmudgeonly skeptic on your staff excited about the possibilities.

My training shaves hundreds of person-hours off your learning process and prepares you to enter the global online conversation with a strategy and voice that stands out from your competition’s.

My Social Media Crash Course provides a comprehensive introduction to social media, an overview of technologies and tools, numerous examples of business successes and an overview of standards, norms and behavioral principles for social networks. This course will get you up to speed in a hurry. I’ll show you the secrets of syndication, search engine performance and packaging for maximum visibility. I’ll demonstrate the secrets of speaking effectively in your own voice.

Topics include:

  • Definition and background of social media;
  • Key terms to understand;
  • How influence works in the blogosphere;
  • Free online tools to monitor conversations;
  • Podcast and video opportunities for businesses – examples and advice
  • The seven types of blogs;
  • Developing a content model;
  • Positioning and voice;
  • Why some bloggers are so successful;
  • Tricks for generating buzz and recognition;
  • How to choose the right tool for the job.

I also offer intensive half-day seminars on these topics:

  • Search Engine Optimization Crash Course;
  • Webcast/Podcast Crash Course;
  • Online Communities Crash Course;
  • Identifying and Engaging With Online Influencers;
  • Advanced Search Strategies;
  • How to Create a Great Business Blog ;
  • Integrated Social Media Campaigns;
  • Business Blogger Training;
  • Online Publishing Fundamentals for Print Professionals;
  • How to Write for New Media;
  • Twitter and Micro-blogging;
  • Building Fans and Followers;

Each presentation is customized to your company and market and includes a package of published articles and recommended websites on relevant topics. Each client also receives two complimentary copies of my book, Secrets of Social Media Marketing.

Download a PDF of my services. Special discounts apply for newspaper publishers. Contact me for more information: 508-202-9807.