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Two filmmakers who identify themselves as Lenny Feinberg and Chris Foster have released a trailer for what they say will be an upcoming documentary called Black and White and Dead All Over. We haven’t seen anything more than the four-minute clip embedded here, but it appears that the authors have interviewed an impressive cast of journalists and publishers. The trailer presents a sympathetic view of the plight facing the U.S. newspaper industry, pointing out that the information people expect to find for free online has to come from somewhere, and that the institutions that provide it are in peril. As one speaker puts it, “Where is the Internet going to get its information if the newspaper in your town goes out of business?”

The documentarians provided few details about when or where the full film will be available. The URL for goes to a parked GoDaddy page. We don’t even know who these guys are. Maybe they’ll leave a comment and tell us more.




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  1. December 19, 2012 @ 2:54 am

    Don’t worry! Lots of internet news sites will take up the slack…like…HuffPo! Oh no, wait, they just aggregate and have one over-paid journo who served them up a pulitzer. Ok…but the internet has been around over 20 years and there must be TONS of news sources. Or not. Oh…oh…I got it! ProPublica! I mean, lets forget they are owned by the Sandlers who LITERALLY INVENTED the ARMs that were the root of the Financial Crisis, and that ProPublica’s Pulitzer-winning Magnetar piece conveniently lays blame on a hedge fund and not on the Banks of the type that the Sandlers owned. Great job internet…20 years and you have done…nothing.

    Posted by Stephen
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