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eduardo_hauserThe New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof last week touched off a debate over the value of personalized news. Kristof asserts that the trend toward filtered and personalized news creates “the reassuring womb of an echo chamber” in which people only listen to the opinions of others who agree with them. 

Eduardo Hauser, CEO and founder of, begs to differ. His service, which has been around since 2005, co-mingles news filtered by professional editors with headlines self-selected by the reader. In this brief audio interview, he describes why personalized news creates a more informed consumer and creates a base for delivering a well-rounded mix of “need to know” with “want to know.”

Who’s going to provide this information? “It’ still going to be journalists,” says Hauser, who admits to being a “fanatic” about newspapers. But the medium of print is losing its appeal. “The news will still be created by journalists. They will have the ability to create their own audiences. I have faith in the profession of journalism; I have less faith in the traditional media of journalism.”

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