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Delivering on promises it made last month, McClatchy Co. said it plans to cut 1600 jobs, or 15% of its workforce, and lower salaries across the board.  The cuts will be made through attrition, consolidation, outsourcing and layoffs.  Chief executive Gary Pruitt is taking a 15% pay cut and all executives are forgoing 2009 bonuses.

McClatchy had announced plans to cut up to $110 million in expenses last month, but didn’t provide details.  The company already cut 10% of its workforce late last year. The 15% figure is a goal and the job of deciding where to cut will be left up to individual newspapers within the company’s portfolio.

If you’re likely to be caught up in the McClatchy layoffs – or anybody else’s, for that matter – now’s a good time to head over to Recovering Journalist Mark Potts’ website for his 10 Tips For Suddenly Unemployed Journalists.



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    […] are fewer and fewer jobs in journalism left and they’re getting cut all the time. While many of these cuts (especially in McClatchy’s case) are layoffs done to save costs to […]