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From MediaPost: “Some of the nation’s largest newspaper publishers reported their July revenue on Monday, and the news isn’t good. The third quarter is shaping up to be as bad as the second…[at McClatchy,] classifieds, …dropped 15.3%, and national revenue…tumbled 19%. Real-estate classifieds suffered the biggest percentage drop, plunging 26%.

“[Gannett said] newspaper revenue slid 6.1% to $408.2 million, due mostly to the 8.3% decline in classifieds and the 9.1% drop in national ad revenue. In terms of its individual properties, the most alarming results came from USA Today, where total ad revenue slid 15.9%.

“[Lee Enterprises said that among ad revenue declines,] automotive was down 17.4%, employment 13.6%, and real estate 13.2%.”



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