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Eugene Robinson has an insightful and engaging column in The Washington Post today about Rupert Murdoch’s bid for The Wall Street Journal. “Take it!” he advises the newspaper’s owners. If they hold out for a white knight, he argues, some cosmetics or packaged foods billionaire who doesn’t know the first thing about newspapering will end up with the goods. Whatever you want to say about Murdoch, he knows and loves newspapers. However, he also thinks it’s his right as an owner to meddle in editorial content, Robinson notes, ominously.

The column is worth reading just for the wonderful analogies:

“Rupert Murdoch tries to buy the Wall Street Journal, and the reaction is as if Lord Voldemort had made an above-market offer for Hogwarts.”

And this one:

“My friend Harold Evans, who once edited the Times of London under Murdoch’s ownership, wrote in a critical book that ‘Murdoch issued promises as prudently as the Weimar Republic issued marks.'”



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