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The following commentaries come from longtime foot soldiers of newspapering who speak out against the bottom-line mindset that has overtaken their industry.

MAGPIE » Killing the watchdogs. – Arthur Magazine blogs for you…

[David Carr presents an impassioned and eloquent argument for the value of investigative reporting, despite the fact that it will never be a profit-making activity. “Thousands of bloggers could type for a millennium and not come up with the kind of deeply reported story that freed innocent men — an effort that takes years of inquiry, deep sources and a touch for making unholy secrets knowable,” he writes. Layoffs and cost-cutting are threatening to kill this vital public policy role that the media plays. -Ed.]

Scholars and Rogues » Blog Archive » Journalism then; journalism now: comprehending the difference

[Denny Wilkins remembers the best editor he ever had and rues the fact that big corporations have turned news reporting into a commercial endeavor. He quotes frequently from David Carr’s piece noted above. – Ed.]

Gannett’s got a brand new (anonymous) blog!

[The Gannett Blog is all about Gannett Co., Inc. Only it’s not published by Gannett. The author describes him/herself as “Not in management. Not a union member. No ax to grind. And Gannett Blog has no formal affiliation with Gannett Co. Inc.” One thing’s for sure: the author is prolific, often posting several items a day. The blog was launched in June but has only been actively updated for the past month or so. Gannett employees are encouraged to submit tips. – Ed.]



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