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Employees at the San Francisco Chronicle have taken to social media to protest a move by parent Hearst Corp. to impose a new healthcare plan that employees say is inferior to their current coverage and costs up to $3,000 more per year.

The Chronicle has been hanging by a thread since 2009, when Hearst nearly shut it down after complaining the newspaper was losing $1 million a month. A series of layoffs, pay freezes and cutbacks in vacation and holiday time have left employees frustrated and angry, and the latest move has brought that to the surface. they complain they’re being asked to put in even more hours to satisfy the demands of a new pay wall being put in place that will charge readers $14.99/mo. for premium content.

“We love the Chronicle, and we love journalism, but we can’t keep donating our own livelihoods to increase the profits of our corporate owners,” reads a post on the Friends of The San Francisco Chronicle Guild  Facebook page.

There’s also an online petition you can sign that demands fair healthcare for employees. You can also follow the #MakesUsSick hash tag on Twitter for updates. Some reporters changed their Twitter profiles to a red box as part of the protest. We’re not sure why.

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  1. March 31, 2013 @ 5:20 pm

    Hearst is merely jumping the gun on ObamaCare and the lifting of the burden of health care off of the backs of the corporations and its new positioning onto state programs.

    You’re getting a Federal single payer health-care system because it saves the corporations money.

    What the Repubes and the Tea Baggers doesn’t matter. Whas the citizens want doesn’t matter.

    In the fascist, capitalist republic of the United States of America, dollars always trump ideology.

    Posted by msbpodcast