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Snipping text here from a piece in Ad Age about reading habits that will go behind a paid registration wall in a couple of days:

“As new forms of media consumption, including web surfing, downloading and time-shifted TV viewing gain more of a foothold in the U.S., different generations have begun to form distinct habits. But what’s interesting is that both the old and wise and the young at heart are developing some commonalities as well, according to a new study by Deloitte.

“The consulting and advisory firm found that every generation — from young Millennials (ages 13 to 24) to Generation X (25 to 41) to Baby Boomers (42 to 60) and older Matures (61 to 75) — enjoys reading magazines. Almost three-fourths of all consumers choose to read them even though they can find the same information online. There is also a greater receptivity overall to print ads compared with internet ads, the firm found.”

This is an important point. While most major metro daily newspapers will go out of business in the coming years, lots of print properties will do just fine. Next time you’re at Barnes & Noble, visit the newsstand and look at the racks of thick magazines. There are plenty of viable business models in print. It’s just that large-circ-daily-newspaper isn’t one of them.



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