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Gannett joins the long line of media companies taking layoff medicine. It will reduce headcount by about 1,000 people, or 3%, with about 600 of those cuts coming from layoffs. Nothing new to report here. Gannett is feeling the same pain as everybody else, although the 3% reduction is small compared to the 10% many of its competitors have recently taken. BTW, this story broke in the Gannett Blog, where Jim Hopkins had the first news on Wednesday. Hopkins continues to tap in to the observations and experiences of Gannett employees to create a principal information source about the company, which scrupulously ignores him. (See “The Futility of Corporate Secrecy“).

The free weekly newspapers run by Philip Anschutz will now pay you to blog.  Well, not really to blog, so much but to examine. The newspaper chain is seeking people to become  “examiners,” writing about everything from Airedales to zoology, from what we can tell. Really successful examiners will be rewarded with a penny per page view. At that rate, the Death Watch editor can afford lunch at Friendly’s.

Television network ABC has declared the week of Sept. 21 National Stay at Home Week. It so happens that’s the same week that all the new fall shows are launching. We suspect this promotion won’t go over very well in the airline industry and that those free first-class upgrades for ABC execs are going to be pretty hard to come by for a while.

“Journal Register Reports Assets of $77 Million — And Liabilities of $719 Million”

Editor & Publisher, 8/12/08

“News-Journal Corp. officially for sale”

News Journal Online, 8/13/08

The Chicago Sun-Times has got an interesting idea to attract readers: It’s bringing back dead columnists.  “Vintage” columns written by Chicago institution Mike Royko began appearing this week, which must be deja vu for some local residents because Royko died 11 years ago. “Whatever happened to the people, places and issues that columnist Mike Royko went after –  or championed – during his legendary run?” the Sun-Times asks in its debut column. It turns out they’re dead, too. The subject of the 1979 piece is a Polish immigrant who died in 2000.

Still can’t figure out why Twitter is important? Play this video. (via Steve Outing)
What is Twitter good for?Appeal for help: I’d use more video embeds but they corrupt the WordPress template. If anyone has any great ideas how to prevent that, I’d love to hear them. Can’t find any useful advice online.



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    Regarding the video embeds and WordPress template– do you mean the video embeds mess with your column borders? I have a wordpress blog and had a similar issue. When I began writing posts in html rather than WYSIWYG the problem went away. That’s a pain if you are not comfortable with html, but it’s a solution.

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