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Lloyds List 1741We usually focus news of comings and goings on this site solely on major metropolitan dailies, but we’ll make an exception for Lloyd’s List, which claims to be the world’s oldest daily newspaper and which is going out of print at the end of this year. The paper, which originated as a list of ship arrivals, departures and casualties that was posted on the wall of Edward Lloyd’s coffee shop in London in 1734, canvassed readers in June and discovered that fewer than 2% of them read the print edition any  more. Management sounds upbeat about the transition to all-digital, which has been in the works for several months. “The digital approach offers new avenues and opportunities to innovate an up-to-the-minute service that offers in-depth news and information on every aspect of shipping,” said editor Richard Meade in a quote in the Guardian. See the links below for additional coverage. Jolly good.

For you history buffs, Google has digitized about 85 years of Lloyd’s List, beginning in 1741.

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  1. October 5, 2013 @ 12:13 pm

    Its pointless to print and distribute something which is of dubious accuracy and certainly out of date when its easy to use a service like which provides live updates to a complete world-wide view of all ship traffic located by GPS.

    Its also possible to follow live updated, GPS located, world-wide air traffic on a map by using,-74.08/10

    The clients of old are not even trying to hang onto the old techniques.

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