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Circ Declines, Some Steep, Continue – Editor & Publisher, Nov. 2, 2007
“According to industry sources speaking to E&P, daily circulation for reporting papers in the six-month FAS-FAX period ending September is down about 2.5% while Sunday is expected to fall 3.5%. Those types of declines — in the 2% and 3% range — have been occurring as far back as the March 2005 period.

”E&P has learned that several major papers have suffered declines in daily circ of over 7%, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Miami Herald and The Dallas Morning News.

When the FAS-FAX comes out next Monday, ABC will introduce the ‘audience FAX’ where about 200 papers are providing the organization with not only circulation data, but print readership, online readership, unduplicated market reach, and monthly unique users. Daily and Sunday circulation will be a part of the report as well but the audience FAX is the first step in what will most likely be many more to emphasize total audience.”

[Facing circulation declines of 5%-10% per six-month reporting period, many newspapers are drastically cutting back on free/bonus distribution, reducing reader churn and trying to bring the numbers down to sustainable levels. Unfortunately, the demographic trends (half as many people under 35 read a newspaper daily as people over 65) point to the declines continuing. Interesting that a circulation decline of less than 1% is now considered ‘growth.’ – Ed.]

Spokane Spokesman-Review breaks news of layoffs as it happens

[This interesting experiment in Spokane, WA offers readers a glimpse into the decision-making process at the daily newspaper. The daily coverage plan is documented on a blog for all to read. Unfortunately, today the news is about upcoming layoffs. See below. – Ed.]

A sad day…layoffs announced – News is a Conversation
This was a sad day for The Spokesman-Review newsroom. We announced the involuntary layoffs of 12 Spokane Editorial Society (that’s the newsroom’s union) members, a manager, and one non-union employee. There will be modest additional cuts announced next week.”

[While other papers bury news of their cutbacks, the Spokesman-Review publishes a personal note from the editor on a blog. Such openness and candor is rare these days. – Ed.]

Chron honcho issues memo to layoff survivors – Lone Star Times, Oct. 31, 2007
[An editor’s memo to a decimated staff is roundly ridiculed. – Ed.]



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