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Deflating sales for de press – Reflections of a Newsosaur

[Alan Mutter adjusts newspaper industry financials for inflation and reports that 2007 print advertising revenues are actually about 20% below 1997 figures. What’s worse is that the decline is accelerating. Ed.]

How an electronic newspaper could become profitable – Crosscut Seattle

[A veteran journalist proposes a scenario in which print newspapers move entirely to Amazon’s Kindle reader and ditch print entirely. This article has some interesting numbers about what it costs to run a newspaper, based on averages provided by industry associations. It also presents an intriguing cost/benefit model, one which ultimately argues that ditching print may actually be a good idea. – Ed.]

L.A. Times Launches Readers’ Representative Journal – Bloggers Blog, Nov. 27, 2007

[The LA Times has been tiptoeing into the world of audience interaction. Some stories invite reader comments, although hyperlinks are almost absent within editorial content. The LA Times has badly fumbled its frachise over the last two decades, by many accounts. For example, this morning’s home page contains not a single sentence in Spanish. And this is Los Angeles. – Ed.]



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